There is a weekly occupancy meeting open to the public. If you have inquiries, you are invited to these meetings each Thursday 10:00 am in the conference room.

Home-owners Description


Grievance Request Form



The following must be submitted with your ERAP application:

  • Tribal ID

  • Social Security Cards (Copies of all Adults & Children)

  • Proof of Income

  • Lease Agreement & W9 form from Landlord

  • Past Due Rent & Current Rent Payments

  • Past Due Utilities Bills & Current Bills (which include; Electricity, Telephone/Wi-fi, Garbage, Sewer, Water, Rent (back rent) and $450 on Propane for every 3 months

  • Address where the check should be mailed

This program will pay for tenants to get off "Pre-Pay" & back on Traditional account monthly with Hill County Electric.

Please have all proper documentation & signatures submitted with the ERAP application packet & no delays will be encountered.  


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Rental Rate Policy Adjustment

Occupancy Policy
Maintenance Policy